Small brewery in Kameido


“Kameido Beer” is a small brewery from Kameido. We offer a unique craft beer that can only be tasted here. Enjoy the flavors of the American West Coast, the home of craft beer. How about a relaxing afternoon, a light drink after work, or a weekend break? If you are a Graft Beer fan, you can find a taste that is different from the others. Please enjoy the rich aroma and outstanding taste.

About Our Beer

At Kameido Beer, we offer high-quality IPA beer that anyone can enjoy. IPA beer features a fresh hop aroma and a savory bitterness. IPA beer is an acronym for Indian Pale Ale and originally originated in England. In recent years, it is a popular flavor that has become the mainstream of American craft beer.

Our Commitment

Vetted Material

We use high quality malt, columbus, cascade and mosaic hops to bring out the taste and flavor of beer.


An American-style IPA with outstanding taste is made from a small brewery.

Brewing Process

We carry out careful quality and hygiene management, and strive to brew polite and delicious beer. Whole process is done in our brewery.

Craft Beer

We sincerely deliver the flavors of the west coast of the United States, the birthplace of craft beer


It started in 2004 with the Home Brew Club in California. Born in the UK, for the first time there, I will touch on the tradition of craft beer making that began in the United States. Since then, he has been fascinated by it and has used the garage in the backyard of his home in Los Angeles to make handmade beer. While exploring delicious craft beer, I eventually came to want to live in my wife’s home country of Japan. In 2018, I finally moved to my dream Japan. At Kameido Beer, we would like to deliver authentic craft beer with a special flavor.

John Hilliard